The biggest settlement on the island of Kornat is VRULJE with approximately 50 houses. VRULJE isn’t a permanently inhabited place, since the
owners, living on the island of Murter, occasionally come to the Kornati for agricultural and fishing reasons. The most common crop in the archipelago is
olive tree from which high-quality olive oil is obtained.  In addition to agriculture, local people occupy themselves with fishing, raising cattle and
tourism. In the Vrulje cove there are 3 restaurants. There is also a little shop where customers can buy basic groceries. These can also be bought
on a boat-shop which visits Vrulje on a regular basis. We recommend that before leaving for the Kornati you supply yourself with the necessary stuff.
There is no doctor or an outpatient department in Vrulje, nor on the Kornati islands. In case of emergency, a quick transfer may be organised to Murter,
where there is an out-patient department.